The universe could be a simulation created by a ‘super-intelligent computer programmer’

By on July 31, 2017

(The Sun) British physicists suggest everything we see could have been made by a super smart alien creator – but we’ll never know for sure LOTS OF people in the West stopped believing in God a long time ago.

But they might think again after hearing two top British theoretical physicists suggest our entire universe may have been created by a “super-intelligent computer programmer”.
Professor Brian Cox, a television host and top physicist, and his collaborator Professor Jeff Forshaw of Manchester University have made the astonishing suggestion that our universe could be a simulation built by a mysterious nerdy deity.

The brainboxes have just published a book called Universal: A Journey Through The Cosmos, which tells the story of everything from the Big Bang onwards.

We spoke to the duo to discuss the increasingly fashionable theory that reality is a simulation – a seemingly far-fetched belief that is shared by luminaries including Elon Musk, who famously said there was a minuscule “one in billions” chance that we are NOT living in a simulation.


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