Reusing plastic bottles could do you more harm than good

By on July 12, 2017

(Zee News) That’s because the plastic bottle you’re constantly replenishing isn’t made to be re-filled – meaning it could have the potential to leach chemicals and harbor harmful bacteria.
New Delhi: Refilling those plastic bottles again and again could actually be harmful to your health, as per a new research.
In a study conducted by Treadmill Reviews, researchers lab-tested water bottles after each had been used by an athlete for a week and found that the highest number of bacteria reached over 900,000 colony forming units per square cm on average.

Worryingly, that’s more bacteria than the average toilet seat. It also found that 60 per cent of the germs they found on the water bottles were able to people sick.

Although it is important to drink plenty of water, especially during the hot summer months, you may want to think twice next time you reach for that reusable bottle, if you want to avoid germs and getting sick.

It’s also a great idea to buy BPA-free plastic bottles where possible or invest in a refillable one made out of glass or stainless steel. Because there have been concerns about Bisphenol A (BPA) – a controversial chemical, which is used in the manufacture of plastics and is thought to interfere with sex hormones.

“Certain chemicals found in plastic bottles can have effects on every system in our bodies,’ Dr Marilyn Glenville warned Good Housekeeping.


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