Planet ‘Nibiru’ On Course To Earth?

By on February 10, 2017

(Tech News) A book called “Planet X – The 2017 Arrival” claimed that the end of the world may occur in 2017. After a tumultuous year, the news of this possibility panicked conspiracy theorists to the point of apocalyptic thoughts.

The book, written by David Meade, describes the cosmic scenery as part of which the dark star “Nemesis” is orbited by seven astronomical bodies. One of these, called “Nibiru”, is supposedly going to collide with our planet in October 2017.

The End Of The World, A Few Months Away

The book has sparked the interest of conspiracy theorists and rumors of its veracity have already caused tremendous rumors on the aftermath of this collision. According to the book, “Nemesis” is a dark star smaller than our sun and its orbiting bodies range in dimensions, some are smaller than our planet’s moon and some are bigger than our planet itself.

Most of the conspiracy theorists are already very familiar with Nibiru, which is a mysterious celestial body from our solar system. However, there is no proof of this celestial body, due to the fact that it cannot be seen from our perspective. The book mentions that the reason Nibiru cannot be spotted is the angle at which it is approaching our planet, which makes it really difficult to observe.

According to the book, the system is not aligned with our solar system’s ecliptic one and it is getting closer to our planet from an oblique angle, toward our planet’s South Pole. The book also argues that previous civilizations and forms of life, such as dinosaurs, for instance, were also exterminated because of asteroids and comets colliding with planet Earth.
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