Gun Criminal Snoop Dogg Releases Anti-Gun Song

By on April 5, 2013

Paul Joseph Watson & Steve Watson April 3, 2013

The latest hypocritical celebrity to jump on the  anti-Second Amendment gun-control bandwagon, for no purpose other than increased  notoriety, is rapper Snoop Dogg.

In his new video for the song “No Guns Allowed”,  featuring Drake and Cori B., Snoop Lion, as he now refers to his “reincarnated”  Rastafarian persona, interjects anti-gun lyrics with footage of mass school  shootings and newspaper headlines regarding the tragedies.

The video even opens up with President Obama  speaking during the memorial for the children killed in the Sandy Hook  Elementary School shootings.

“It’s a powerful song and we hope to spread a  positive message that hits home with people,” says Snoop Lion. “We’ve seen too  much bloodshed involving guns and we want to prevent the next incident from  happening. That’s what’s it all about, trying to bring awareness and push love  and peace.”


Considering the lyrical and personal history of  “Tha Doggfather”, real name: Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr., the very notion that  he is suddenly anti-gun is laughable.

Snoop has been arrested and charged with illegal gun possession a number of times. The  irony of him advocating gun control legislation that includes universal  background checks for everyone will not be lost on law abiding gun owners. He is  a case in point that background checks are irrelevant when people who have no  respect for the law are intent on getting hold of guns.

We do not profess to be experts on Snoop Dogg’s  lyrics or the meaning of his songs, but it isn’t difficult to recognize that a  huge amount are glorifying of violence, and in particular of gun violence.

Here are a few prime examples:

From “A Nigga Witta Gun” with Dr Dre

Who is the man with the master plan? A  nigga with a motherfucking gun


If you see me on the solo moves best  believe that I’m strapped 4-4, .tre-8 or AK-47 ’cause slowly but surely  send you on a stairway to heaven Just put my finger on the trigger and pull  back And lay a punk motherfucker flat


I’m talking about cocking a gauge in  between your eyes That’ll make you drop to your knees ’cause you  realize That a gat will make any nigga civilized


I’m the one who’s doing it while these  other niggas talk about it And if motherfuckers come at me wrong I  straight put my .44 Desert Eagle to his motherfucking dome And show him why  they call me the notorious one The name’s Dre Eastwood when I’m packing a  gun

From “Drop It Like It’s Hot”

And if a nigga get a attitude Pop it  like it’s hot Pop it like it’s hot Pop it like it’s hot Oh you got a  gun so you wanna pop back? AK47 now nigga, stop that! you should drop that  shit like its hot

From “187″ with Dr Dre

3 and to the 2 and 2 and to the 1, Head  away, sent away, get away snoop’s got a gun, And he’s lookin’ for the cops  who set him up in ’86


Look at what the doc brought in, A  chrome 38, a fo’ty-fo’ mag, and mack 10 So what you wanna do? (what you wanna  do? ) I got the gauge, a uzi and the mothafuckin 22 So if you wanna blast,  nigga we can buck ‘em If we stick ‘em then we stuck ‘em so fuck  ‘em


Splat to a motherfucker face, he  fall. Strong motherfucker cause he starts to crawl. I guess I gots to load  the glock again. Hit ‘im with the hollow points and watch him spin. Fuck  it, I had to do this quick. Grabbed the glock 17, the clip went  click. Tried to detect, but did not detect perfect So I creep on that ass,  pops him and drops him. That ought to stop from beatin’ up blacks, Dead in  his tracks, from a full six pack.

From “Vato”

So Snoopy he went straight to the trunk of  his car (And what he get?), he got his gun and they start running hard, he  started firing and then he just charged… PLOW!!! Run nigga,Run  nigga(Plow) Duck nigga,Duck nigga(Plow) Run Motherfucker, Run (Plow) Run Motherfucker, Run


I didn’t mean to hit what I hit Now that’s 3  motherfuckers dead, and I ain’t seen shit But these niggas a scream wit plea  but for like a G like me it’s just a case maybe you can see I crack the  mac back and pop off rolling And smack your neck back, you drop off falling


I wouldn’t be the nigga that I am If I  didn’t pop niggas in their mouth. Goddamn.

We could go on, but the point is pretty clear.  Snoopy likes “popping niggas” with guns – A LOT.

Most celebrities love to be seen in the public eye doing what they believe is right for their careers. That’s why so many of them instantly put their faces behind the push for strict gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting in December.

Many were rightly exposed as hypocrites, given that they routinely star in movies and television productions in which depictions of gun violence are commonplace.

It gets to the point of ridiculousness when someone like Sylvester Stallone begins to lecture the American public on gun rights. In his last Rambo movie, Stallone shot to death 83 bad guys, and his latest film is called “Bullet To The Head”.

But perhaps we shouldn’t be too hard on Snoop. Perhaps  he has seen the error of his ways after being arrested multiple times on illegal gun related charges. Perhaps he has tired of spitting lyrics about “cracking the mac back,” “popping off,” and “smacking necks back”.

What do you think?


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