Eric Thomas’s Top 10 Rules For Success

By on August 14, 2017

(PRO Staff News) He’s an American motivational speaker, author and minister.

Speeches by Thomas have been widely viewed and are popular on YouTube.

Lebron James has credited Thomas as part his inspiration for winning the 2012 NBA Championship.

He’s Eric Thomas and here are his Top 10 Rules for Success.

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1. Know what you want
He was born in Blainville, Quebec, and grew up in Detroit, Michigan.

2. Work on your gift
He was raised by his mother, a single parent, and did not have a relationship with his father during his childhood or adolescence.

3. No excuses
At the age of 16, he dropped out of high school and lived homeless on the streets of Detroit.

4. Upgrade your values
He was homeless for two years, and he would sleep in abandoned cars and find food in garbage cans.

5. You reap what you sow
While he was homeless, he met a preacher who inspired him to go back to school and eventually change lives.

6. Education is the great equalizer
Thomas also credits a job at a Olive Garden on the westside of Detroit as a break for his career.

7. What is your “why”?
He would work until 5am and only sleep for a few hours.

8. Have boundaries
He spent 12 years working toward an undergraduate degree at Oakwood and graduated in 2001.

9. Speak from the heart
A debate class at Oakwood made Thomas realize what he should do with his life.

10. Succeed as bad as you want to breathe
He preached and set up a program, Break The Cycle I Dare You, (BTC), to help underprivileged kids.

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