Elon Musk Published His Plans For Colonising Mars

By on June 19, 2017

(Science Alert) Unless you’ve been living on, well, Mars, you probably know that super billionaire Elon Musk wants to put a million people on the Red Planet sometime in the near future, for less than US$200,000 a head.

Last September, he explained how he’d aim to do this. Now you can read the fine-print yourself, because Musk has published the details online for all of us to read.

Between solving traffic congestion through digging tunnels under cities, proposing futuristic human-computer interfaces, and solving national power problems, Musk wants to lay the groundwork for getting us off this planet one day.

Because what else would you do if you were a billionaire 17 times over?

From what we know from a Q&A with Musk on Reddit last October, this plan to get a million people onto Mars some time in the next century had four crucial chapters; scout out the terrain, drop off a fuel-production factory, send a few pioneers, and then send a bunch more.

Sounds simple, right? Of course, the devil is in the detail, which you can now read and judge for yourself as a commentary in New Space, titled “Making Humanity a Multi-Planetary Species.”

According to Scott Hubbard, New Space’s editor-in-chief:

“In my view, publishing this paper provides not only an opportunity for the spacefaring community to read the SpaceX vision in print with all the charts in context, but also serves as a valuable archival reference for future studies and planning.”

Musk’s 15 page commentary explains why Mars is his first choice in space destination.


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