Dangers From Chlorine In Your Shower

By on August 14, 2017

(UHR) Can taking a shower really be dangerous? It may come as a shock, but the very method most people use to keep their bodies clean could be exposing them to unforeseen health risks.

While many people are aware of the dangers of drinking unfiltered water, few consider the risks of showering in unfiltered water. Most people don’t realize that one can absorb up to 8 glasses of water through the skin during a quick 10-minute shower.

Soaking up water in this way is especially dangerous because the chlorine goes directly into your bloodstream. This means you absorb 6 times more chlorine per glass while showering than if you were drinking the same water.

The Dirty Truth About Your Shower Water

Research presented at the American Chemical Society in 1986 demonstrated that showering leads to greater exposure to toxic chemicals in tap water than drinking the water does.

The dangers and risks of chlorine exposure are serious — including, but not limited to…

Irritation of the eyes, sinuses, throat, and skin
•Aggravation of the lungs
•Excessive free radical formation, which results in accelerated aging
•Hardened arteries
•Difficulty metabolizing cholesterol
•Higher vulnerability to genetic mutation
•Development of cancer

In a recent article in The American Journal of Public Health, chlorine was linked to measurable increases in certain types of cancer. The article also reported that up to 2/3 of our harmful exposure to chlorine is through absorption by the skin during showering.

Even if you can’t detect the presence of chlorine in your water via smell or taste, that doesn’t mean you’re safe from the consequence of exposure. Chlorine exposure can be especially harmful for individuals with pre-existing conditions such as sinus conditions, allergies, skin rashes, emphysema and asthma.



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